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The Art of Storytelling
What does a journalist, a marketing executive, and a business person have in common? They are all in the business of storytelling. In one way or another, the core skill that these people need to master to be successful is telling a good story. This may be obvious when checking out how a journalist communicates. But it is not always so clear when looking at business. Effective storytelling is only beginning to come of age in the business world as the old ways of reaching out to consumers begin to falter.


Are you guilty of a Facebook fiasco?
Have you screwed up? If you are a journalist or a person in a career where your image matters, beware of Facebook. Sure, we’ve all got Facebook accounts. Who doesn’t? In fact, many young journalists today see Facebook as part of their public outreach, a way to communicate and network, apart from keeping up with friends. But there is a potential downside to the most popular social media platform on the planet – apart from maybe overrated concerns that it is using your information for commercial reasons. That downside could be posting photos of yourself having fun. Or your pals posting photos of you acting crazy.

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Missed opportunity
If there is one major failure of busy journalists that should be highlighted, it’s that annoying failure to ask follow-up questions in an interview. Are you a journalist? Okay, you are likely to understand this. On BBC TV’s Hard Talk, the interviewee is seldom allowed to get away with lies or failure to adequately answer a question. This TV interviewing forum is built around tough questioning. But there are many reporters who appear to stick to their list of questions or fail to listen carefully enough to their interviewee to respond to what is being said.