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Welcome to a website and training facility that seeks to keep you up to date on journalism and media training and the changes taking place in the media world.

These are heady times as the internet continues to expand its reach around the world. But these are also challenging times for journalists and media practitioners as the old certainties make way for change.

Digitalization has turned the traditional media world upside down. The old model of a printed newspaper making an income from advertisements is making way for a scramble for new income-earning options. This is proving a steep learning curve for publishers. And it means a tighter and more competitive market for journalists and other media workers.

Media Training Space aims to provide you with the following important resources:

Over the coming months, we will be rolling out journalism and media training courses and resources for the newbie, as well as more advanced resources.

We seek to track important media changes that could affect journalists and media professionals.

We will be keeping up on technology developments is this is an increasingly important part of a media practitioner’s responsibility today.

If you are reading this, chances are you recognize that being a journalist or being in the media business is “not just a job”. Media Training Space seeks to provide the tools and knowledge to live your dream.

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